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Our Mission     

We all want every colleague, employee, contractor,… go back home safe and sound, at the end of their shifts!


- By providing high quality training to personnel as boots on the ground and making sure that they all can contribute to the reliability of our industry when they are properly trained,

- By presenting the best and most practical RBI approaches to the first line Supervisors and field team Leaders,

- By encouraging the higher level management in using reliable RBI methodologies and risk mitigation and acceptance concepts instead of conventional time-based inspection practices, and showing how cost effective RBI could be if appropriately used,

. . . We will be able to accomplish our mission!



Why RBI Clue ®      

RBI Clue has one of the strongest databases of courses related to corrosion, Risk Based Inspection, and all types of inspection practices in related fields.

Here we have a portfolio of courses in three different categories:

Exam related courses:  

these are about the tools that the inspection and engineering personnel need in order to pass their exams with ease.

These courses have been designed for all RBI, Integrity, Corrosion, Reliability, Maintenance, and Inspection Engineers/Specialists working in the industry.

RBI-in-Corrosion Courses

these are very unique courses presented ONLY by RBI Clue® and are very specific covering every single corrosion mechanism, how to use RBI to control corrosion, and how to mitigate the risks in the most effective way.

General courses: 

this category includes courses which give you a basis for Risk Based Inspection, Corrosion, and general idea about the factors that could be a game changer in inspection practices and risk management.


All these courses will eventually help industry be more reliable where all workers could go home safe and sound and plants will be managed safer and more cost efficient.




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