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RBI Clue is currently accepting applications of candidates from all around the world.
Those candidates who are open to new opportunities in the fields of their expertise are advised to apply in our system and complete the evaluation forms in order to be assessed and ranked. 


We will provide the list of our best candidates to any Employer who is looking for specific expertise, with the hope that it could help both candidates and employers.


As we are training so many students in oil and gas industry, we will make sure that those who are trained by us will have higher chance to find best opportunities and are prioritized in our candidate list. 


Application for Candidates

For Employers


RBI Clue provides best trainings and courses in oil and gas industry. A lot of our students are updating their resumes and getting more education, experience, and certificates and hence, they deserve better opportunities and higher salaries. 
It has been a  long time that we have been asked by different companies to introduce them our best students and resources in order to work in different positions/locations. 
We have decided to make a list of all high potential candidates including our own students who have been appropriately trained and provide it to Employers.
If you are an Employer who is looking for specific type of candidates, you can contact us through our website or our social media and will get back to you as soon as we can.  


Application for Employers

Candidates Disclaimer

Use of RBI Clue website is subject to the website terms and conditions. Please exit the Site immediately if you do not accept or agree to the Terms.

RBI Clue neither screens employers nor endorses their employment opportunities, labour practices, products, or services. As data is subject to change at the discretion of each employer, information has not been verified and RBI Clue cannot be held responsible for any inconsistencies or errors. RBI Clue does not warrant the legitimacy of any of the information in the posting, including the company and the position itself. It is the responsibility of each applicant to review and research each employment opportunity prior to applying.


Employers Disclaimer

Your organizations request for candidate lists and job postings confirms your willingness to comply with our policy. We are not responsible nor liable for any discrepancy in the candidates’ information, background, and future actions. RBI Clue is only trying to facilitate the process of introducing high potential candidates to the industry and all the information provided is based on the request of both parties, candidates and employers.   

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