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Why learning RBI methodologies designed specifically

for each corrosion mechanism is important?

In this video, Sam answers this question, targeting all

RBI Engineers, Corrosion Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Materials Engineers,

and all Inspection professionals working in industry.

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Can RBI reduce the polution and environmental impact?

Yes, RBI can definitely help reduce the chance of leaks and spills of chemicals which eventually leads to have a cleaner air and water resources, for our future.

Can RBI reduce the financial loss in industry?

Yes, actually RBI saves a lot money every year by postponing unnecessary inspections and focusing on the equipment that need it the most.

Can RBI reduce the number of incidents in the industry?

Yes, if RBI is used properly, it will improve reliability and reduce the chance of incidents to occur which could eventually lead to less personnel injury and fatality.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

is a methodology that is wisely used to optimize the inspection plans as well as all the related maintenance activities in order to reduce the maintenance cost, to improve the reliability, and to keep the public, human resources, and environment safe and sound. 

The goal of RBI Clue® is to provide the most advanced RBI training to industry in order to significantly improve the reliability which eventually leads to save lives of thousands of fellow workers, to keep the environment clean, to avoid losing natural resources, and eventually to save millions of dollars every year. 

These courses are for all

Corrosion Engineers, Integrity Engineers,

RBI Engineers, Maintenance Engineers,

pressure equipment Inspectors,...

and all other inspection professionals who work in industry and want to stand out among their colleagues by having a deeper knowledge and understanding about corrosion and failure mechanisms, how to find the corrosion in time, where to expect for each corrosion mechanism, and how to maintain the equipment in a way that the chance to leak and spill is minimized

"RBI is another sunrise in the industry that started in 21st century."


- Sam

Hi, I’m Sam

Over 17 years experience in industry as RBI Engineer, Integrity Engineer, Materials Engineer, and Inspector. I have been working as Facility Integrity Engineer and Coordinator at the largest natural gas process plant in North America located in Northern British Columbia. I have also been working as Senior RBI Engineer in the largest refinery/chemical facility in Chemical Valley located in Sarnia, Ontario.

Professional Engineering licence (P.Eng.) in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba, certified 580 Specialist, certified API 510 Inspector, certified CWB Welding Inspector, graduate degrees in Materials Engineering, highly experienced in assessing damage mechanisms, risk-based inspection practices (RBI) and corrosion control, Master Certificate in Project Management (MCPM), and strong ability to handle multiple tasks.

Experienced in using ASME Section II, V, VIII, IX, B31.3, API510, API 570, API 571, API 577, API 580, API 581, ASTM, CSA Z341, CSA B51, and federal regulations of National Energy Board (NEB) and Canada Occupational Health and Safety (COHS).

Experienced in investigating mechanical and corrosion damage and Materials failure.

Experienced in welding metallurgy, welding inspection, and working with PQR and WPS. 


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Oct 06, 2020

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Oct 01, 2020

General Major Incident # 2: Chevron Refinery Fire

Sep 29, 2020

CUI Major Incident# 14: Missouri natural gas pipeline rupture

Sep 24, 2020

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